Includes tip fees, drop off & pickup. 


9m3    1500kg included    $490.00

 6m3     1000kg included    $390.00

4.5m3  750kg included    $350.00 

3m3     500kg included    $290.00 

9m3     $350.00

6m3     $290.00
3m3     $220.00 

FILL 3m3 BIN ONLY - Unavailable currently

Clean fill     $290.00

Wet fill        $390.00

Mixed fill     $340.00

Hard fill     $590.00


Prices exclude GST. Standard rental is 4 days casual users, 3 weeks builders where the same bin will be regularly swapped. A $90 per week rental fee may apply after this period. Chemicals, Asbestos, Paint, Tyres, Batteries, Any liquids even if contained are prohibited waste. Please fill to the top only or we can't take the bin for H&S reasons. Buy ordering a bin you agree to our terms and conditions

Wheelie Bins
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We operate a wheelie bin collection service between Oneroa and Onetangi 7 days a week, year round, although we will negotiate a rate to provide services outside of these areas.
We supply a 240L wheelie bin which offers the same volume as 4 of the council supplied red rubbish bags.
In the case of commercial businesses, we will visit the site to determine the type of waste and approximate volume before we set a rate for collection.
For health and safety reasons, the lids must be able to close completely and must not be excessively heavy. We will happily provide such a service for residential customers.
The service can be set up to meet your exact needs, in that we can call every day, as would be the case with a busy restaurant or vineyard. You can nominate a specific day for collection or you can place your bin in a preselected spot when it is full. Because we travel the same route every day we can tailor the service to suit.

Commercially, we supply 60 litre crates so you can sort your bottles into the three main colours that are then transferred to the Transfer Station. We replace the crates with empty ones so you always have recycling capacity. Please note that no other type of glass is accepted as recyclable at the Transfer Station and is treated as rubbish.
An additional wheelie bin can be supplied for all grades of plastic, paper, tins and cans.
Recycling is carried out on an "as required" basis, with the rubbish truck driver checking the status of recycling as he goes around daily.

For flattened cardboard, we supply a metal frame with a wool sack with a capacity of 500L.
When the sack is full it can be removed from the frame and an empty one attached.

Household rubbish, garden waste including weeds etc. Building waste, wood, plastic,
Cardboard, office waste, furniture, household appliances.
Please note all general waste bins have a weight limit.

Please note all waste bins have a weight limit and excess weights will be charged at the current tip fee ($215 per ton or part thereof) on a seperate invoice. Also with the introduction of new Health & Safety legislation, it will no longer be possible to transport any bin that has been filled above the top.
The driver has been instructed to not pick up any such bin.

Chemicals, Asbestos, Paint, Tyres, Batteries, Any liquids even if contained are prohibited waste.

Green waste is all clean compostable material and is priced accordingly. If it is contaminated or contains prohibited green waste, then the normal rubbish charge will apply.

Prohibited Green Waste is:
All Timber, Roots, Soil, Wandering Jew, Toi Toi, Old Mans Beard, Pampas, Moth Plant, Ginger, Bamboo, Flax, All Palm Trees, Cabbage Tree, Gorse, Yucca & Family plants, Agave, Agapanthas, Asparagus Ferns.

If any of the above are in Green Waste bins, the whole load is classified as rubbish and charged accordingly.
Clean green waste only with a maximum size branch of 100mm diameter

Clean fill is either clay or topsoil that does not contain vegetation.
Wet fill is clean fill that is wet and therefore not friable.
Mixed fill is a mixture of clean fill and hard fill
Hard fill is concrete, bricks, asphalt, pebbles, rocks, stones, scoria, tar seal, roof tiles and flooring tiles. Concrete may contain steel inside but any exposed steel must be removed.


Because charges are volume related, wheelie bin services are invoiced every four weeks and we require prompt payment.
Unless prior arrangements have been made, all skip bins must be paid for on delivery or prior to pickup.
No payment - No pickup. $90 per week rental fee applies to late paying bins.


All prices listed are for the Oneroa to Onetangi delivery area. Anything outside these areas will include an additional charge.


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